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I do not have SMART NOTEBOOK but want to use these lessons...What do I do?

Click on the Smart Notebook Express page link in the left column and follow the simple instructions.

This site is meant to serve the eMINTS community, and any one using the SMART NOTEBOOK software with their SMART BOARD, in their roles as a classroom teacher in mathematics or the sciences.  I began developing this site as a result of the difficulty I had experienced in finding adequate high school math resources for the smart board.  While I am sure they are out there, I felt that a single locale for these lessons would be a convenient, and much needed, resource.

This site's development shall be an ongoing process...so please bear with me as I develop this resource. I am endeavoring in this effort with the assistance of a few of my colleagues as a PLC activity.  We shall be pooling our thoughts and lessons to populate this site.

As you explore the site you may notice that each of the pages have a set of links under the heading of "rough lesson" and below that a section of "refined lesson" which will be populated over time based upon the rough lessons.  These various lessons posted for use and comment.

The rough lessons are developed and saved as they are given in real time, but are yet to be fully reviewed for content or ease of presentation and eventual conversion into typed text format.

The refined lessons have been fully developed with text and graphics...but are living documents thusly open to improvements and ongoing review by those who are using them...and you out there in cyberspace.

Each lesson is intended to unpack new concepts, sheet by sheet, with integrated self explanitory text which is ideally intended to guide a student through the process without the need for an instructor or direct instruction.  Alternatively, these lessons can be used as a compliment to direct instruction, providing an introductory presentation to function as an alternative to prereading.  

The idea is that these lessons can be used to:
  • Differentiate advanced students toward a self directed or accelerated pace
  • Assist busy teachers in giving well designed lessons to mainstream students
  • Allow for an enrichment opportunity for remediated students
  • Re-engage students who just need more time to digest and reflect on new concepts
  • Allow a self directed "Make-Up" for students absent on day of lesson presentation

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